How Effective Is in Terms of Features and Pricing?

Content creation has never been more important. If you struggle to make your writing stand out among the crowd, the right tools can make all the difference. 

This is where steps onto the stage, an AI writing solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of writers. But how effective it is in terms of pricing and features, this review aims to navigate its intricacies. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

What is is an AI writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to effortlessly restructure text while preserving its core meaning. Although it offers a plethora of AI tools, its paraphrasing tool streamlines the rewriting process, offering a time-efficient solution to enhance your writing, ensuring greater clarity, conciseness, and overall engagement. 

Developed by the dedicated Ask SEO team, presents a user-friendly web-based interface that simplifies the process while delivering impressive results. General Overview

  • stands as a potent paraphrasing tool that elevates your writing in multifaceted ways. 
  • A web-based solution, it extends its accessibility across platforms with seamless integration of Chrome Extension, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari Extension, Android App, Apple App Store, and MS Word Add-On. 
  • This robust tool extends its versatility through eight distinct paraphrasing modes, enabling tailored modifications to your text output. 
  • offers free image-to-text and speech-to-text paraphrasing tools that facilitate easy translation of visual and auditory content into written form. This feature is not commonly found in other paraphrasing tools.
  • further empowers your writing with a synonym-changing feature that controls over synonym-based word replacements. 

Key Features of A Detailed Overview stands out as a versatile and innovative writing assistant, offering an array of powerful features that redefine the content creation process. The use of cutting-edge technology elevates writing assistance to a whole new level. The key features are mentioned below:

Eight Paraphrasing Modes

  • 1. Free Rewriter
  • What it does: Paraphrases text, transforming it while retaining the essence.
  • Availability: Free
  • Character Limit: Up to 20,000 characters
  • Example: 


  • Text Improver
  • What it does: Enhances writing by simplifying complex sentences and refining structure.
  • Availability: Free
  • Example: 

  • Near Human
  • What it does: Employs advanced algorithms to deliver rewriting akin to human-like quality.
  • Availability: Free
  • Example: 

  •  Plagiarism Remover
  •  What it does: Ensures originality by generating unique content, and maintaining writing integrity.
  •  Availability: Premium
  •  Example: 

  •  Creative
  •   What it does: Sparks creativity with fresh ideas, fostering the development of unique content.
  •   Availability: Premium
  •   Example:
  • Academic
  • What it does: Enhances academic writing for research purposes, aiding in producing scholarly content.
  • Availability: Premium
  • Example: 
  • Quill Text
  • What it does: Facilitates clear and concise writing, streamlining the language for effective communication.
  • Availability: Premium
  • Example: 
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • What it does: Focuses on rephrasing each sentence individually, enhancing overall coherence.
  • Availability: Premium
  •  Example: 
  • 2. Alternate Sentence Choices
  • When users click on a spun sentence, offers them four alternate sentence options with the free version and ten with the premium version. This feature empowers writers to select the most suitable alternative, enhancing the coherence and impact of their content.
  • 3. Tone Customization
  • The tool goes beyond mere rephrasing by allowing you to adjust the tone of your content. Whether casual, formal, professional, or witty, the flexibility to tailor content to specific audience preferences ensures optimal engagement. Select the tone before hitting the paraphrase button and get the results in the selected tone: 
  • 4. Unique Audio, Image, and Speech-to-Text Paraphrasing
  • stands out in the market with its exclusive audio, image, and speech-to-text paraphrasing capabilities. Positioned as the “only audio paraphrasing tool online” and the “world’s first image-to-text paraphraser,” it expands creative possibilities.
  • 5. Built-in Plagiarism Checker
  • Ensuring content originality, the built-in plagiarism checker analyzes rephrased text for potential plagiarism. Click “check plagiarism” once you’ve paraphrased your content, and it will automatically be sent to the plagiarism checker. Note that this integration comes with the premium plan only. 
  • 6. AI Text Editor
  • Additionally, the AI text editor enhances the editing process with features like translation, summarization, bullet points, and examples—all achievable with a single click. After rephrasing content in your preferred paraphrasing mode, you’ll find the AI Text Editor option. Click on it to access the advanced editing capabilities.
  • Translation: To translate your content into another language, simply select the text you want to translate, and click on the translation feature. 
  • Simplify: If you’re dealing with complex text and need a simplified version of it, select the portion you want to simplify and click on simplify. 
  • Bullet Points and Examples: Highlight the relevant information, and with a single click, transform it into a well-structured bullet point list or incorporate illustrative examples.
  • Add Subtopics: Select the relevant sections and apply subheadings to make your writing more elaborative, well-structured and easily navigable.
  • Change Tone: Switch between casual, formal, professional, or witty tones to align your writing with your target readership.
  • 7. Summarization for Concise Content
  • streamlines content creation by allowing you to summarize the spun text. Particularly beneficial for students and writers, this feature generates concise summaries in either bullet or paragraph format. Moreover, you have the option to generate either an original word summary or ai generated summary. 
  • 8. Synonym Customization and Definition:
  • The tool’s synonym-changing feature empowers users to tailor their writing by providing alternative word choices upon clicking on paraphrased words. Additionally, the inclusion of word definitions aids in improving vocabulary and content clarity.
  • Web Browsing Integration and Research Assistance

  • With the web browsing feature, users can seamlessly search and insert external text directly into the editor for paraphrasing. This feature provides two options: reading the full article for comprehensive information or summarizing it to quickly extract valuable insights. The “ask anything” feature further aids research, answering user queries with references and facilitating the inclusion of relevant research material.
  • Pricing Details
  • offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse requirements of its users. Let’s delve into the details of each pricing plan:
  • Solo Text Generation Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $15
  • Annual Price: $144 (or an equivalent of $12 per month)
  • Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $7
  • Annual Price: $60 (or an equivalent of $5 per month)
  • All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $20
  • Annual Price: $192 (or an equivalent of $16 per month)
  • Each pricing plans provides various features to cater to your specific writing and content generation needs. Have a look at the features comes with each plan: 

Pricing Plan


Solo Text Generation Plan

     Text generation for up to 25,000 words (monthly) and 60,000 words (annual)

Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan

       Paraphrasing tool for unlimited words

All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan

        Paraphrasing tool for unlimited words

  • Plagiarism checker (5,000 words monthly, 60,000 words annual)
  •  Text generation (50,000 words monthly, 600,000 words annual)
  •  Free AI content detector
  • Free AI content bypasser tool
  • Final Thoughts
  • In a nutshell, emerges as a powerful AI-driven paraphrasing tool that not only simplifies the writing process but also enriches it with an array of innovative features. 
  • From its versatile paraphrasing modes to its unique image and speech-to-text capabilities, is designed to cater to a wide range of writing needs.
  • The tool’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design ensure a seamless experience, while its pricing plans are designed with flexibility in mind. 
  • Whether you’re a student seeking concise summaries or a professional striving for creative and original content, has a plan for you.
  • In conclusion, isn’t just an AI writing assistant; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers writers to craft compelling, engaging, and impactful content. 
  • So, if you’re looking to enhance your writing, streamline your content generation process, and stand out in a sea of words, is your ultimate ally.

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